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A perfect

PANADERO, Pastry Master

You have a rushed lifestyle, a busy schedule, you are always in a hurry, and time is totally lacking... The time meant for you to spoil yourself and bring your family together, to enjoy the small things in life, the time for your dreams waiting to be acomplished.

When it comes to cooking at home pies, sarmale (stuffed cabbage) or cakes, you already know which store you need to go to and buy the half-ready products that save you. But what do you do when you think about the fancy pastry dishes, like croissants..., the ideal croissants which you admire in stores’ showcases and dream about when all you can think of is a romantic trip to the city of love?!

PANADERO, Pastry Master offers you the solution - the frozen products line meant to spoil you with the finest croissants, freshly baked in your kitchen. The prefect croissants are almost ready, you just need to put them in the oven and in about 20 minutes you bring joy to your whole family with the most romantic pastry products.

Have you ever imagined?

You spend your time as you want: you spoil yourself at a spa salon that you dream about, you work out or spend time with your family. Meanwhile, myself, Pastry Master, choose high quality ingredients, mix them, knead, wait for the dough to grow and transform it into perfect croissants, always the same, with the same taste and special flavour. You just need to turn on the oven and that’s it... The smell of baking envelops the entire house, the children look at the oven an your husband is sneaking in the kitchen. You got them out, they cool down for a bit and here they are, ideal, steaming on your table, just like in your favourite pastry. The coffee is ready too and it is waiting for you.

With PANADERO everything is delicious, easy, clean and fast, exactly the way you dreamed, because you deserve the best.

The company named PANADERO was born in 2018, but having roots since 2015 Initially, the company focused their activity on the HoReCa segment, their goal being to offer tasty solutions to our clients: croissants prepared from the best quality ingredients, with special taste and flavour. Our effort was always rewarded with beautiful encourages and assessments, this way becoming, in time, trustworthy partners.

Later, the idea of giving solutions to the modern woman started to catch contour. The woman that doesn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, but still wants to be a good housewife, to keep surprising the loved ones with something distinguished, delicious. So, we wanted that the frozen croissant, ready to bake, made by the Pastry Master to appear in every home.

Panadero offers a range of frozen croissants, meant to bring the tradition of eating croissants at breakfast.

Recently, our company has opened the doors of a classy restaurant, right in the heart of Chișinău - PANADERO REATURANT & PATISSERIE. Here, our guests can enjoy the finest desserts and exceptional meals, prepared with love, from high-quality ingredients. Salads, soups, snacks, pasta, fine drinks, and special dishes prepared by the Chef - you can find them all in our restaurant’s menu.

We are glad to host you, all days of the week, from 8:00 to 21:00!